Income statement – health insurance

Deadline extension for filing an income tax statement with a health insurance company for 2020 has been adapted directly in the Act on Public Health Insurance. The law was published in the Collection of Laws at the start of April.

✅ Based on the new law, self-employed individuals can file 2020 income tax statements with health insurance companies until 2 April 2021. The same deadline applies to the filing of income statements for individuals whose tax return is filed by a tax advisor as well as those filing them on their own.

Income statement – social security

Deadline extension for filing a social security income statement has been announced by the Czech Social Security Administration on its website. The deadline extension is carried out through a waiver of penalties, same as in case of tax returns.

✅ 2020 social security income statements can be filed with the Social Security Administration by 30 June 2021 if the self-employed individual files their own tax return.

✅ If a tax return is filed on behalf of the self-employed individual by their tax advisor and the tax return is filed with tax authorities after 1 April 2021, the deadline of 2 August 2021 applies for the filing of the income statement with the Social Security Administration.

Personal income tax return

What about the deadlines for the filing of the personal tax returns? There are two new features in effect as of January 2021.

✅ Until 1 June 2021, you can file a tax return without any penalties thanks to a decision of the Ministry of Finance, as long as you file it digitally.  The digital filing can be made e.g. through MyTaxes portal using the bank identity or a certified digital signature. The tax also has to be paid by this date i.e. credited to the account of the tax authority.

✅ If your income tax return is filed by your tax adviser, they have to do so by the standard deadline of 1 July 2021. This year, a rule applies for the first time that a power of attorney can be granted to a tax advisor at any point until the filing of the tax return and not just until 1 April, as in the past. This is a new feature which has been introduced as of 1 January 2021 by the Tax Code.

If you do not manage to file a tax return on time yourself, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with the matter, and it will also afford you one more month of extra time.